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Auld Lang Syne Project - DUE ... whenever!
Auld Lang Syne_mixdown 3 01-02-21NEW MIX January 2 - 25 Singers
00:00 / 01:15
Auld Lang Syne_mixdown 2December 31 10:30 PM 18 SINGERS
00:00 / 01:15
Auld Lang Syne_mixdown 1 12-31-20PRELIMINARY MIX!
00:00 / 01:15


Let's sing together in December! I would like current students and alumni to learn this simple arrangement and combine our voices for a pleasant gesture of togetherness towards the new year.


This is intended as audio only. Choir members recently suggested choir art as the visual element, a slide show/montage of visual art provided by choir members. We have one minute or so of time, so we can fit a lot of images!


Use the score audio files below to practice, and record yourself with the "full" or any file. Upload your recording and any "choir art" contribution to: 

The score and part files are also in this Drive folder.

I will post updates to the project on this page!

Please give this a try. I understand that we don't all 

have the most comfortable situations at home in which

to make such recordings. Please know that this is not

about musical prowess. This is about singing together,

the only way we can right now.

It is also about staying connected with each other and exploring that effort in different ways, perhaps ways we would not choose under typical circumstances.

It can be truly fun. Help us reach alumni we haven't heard from for awhile, by sharing this page link and encouraging them to join the effort.

I will share the final on New Year's Eve.

Auld Lang Syne

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