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Singing Remotely

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Middlebury College Choir web page/blog/resource! In our sudden era of near utter dependency on technology, I hope this site can provide to us a sense of togetherness, and a reminder that the community fostered in the College Choir at Middlebury is indeed thriving, only, somewhat shifted.

I do hope to resume rehearsals - or, some resemblance of them - on March 30, Mead Chapel, available online or (possibly) recorded for viewing later. I will be there, and no one else will be, but...I will be there. I hope a) it works, and b) some can join me. Please check in with each other, with this page, with social media, all ways that our membership have used to connect and to reach out. Also:

- We have cancelled performing a lot of music, so, try to go online or wherever and hear some choral music. Share it with each other (electronically).

- We have had to cancel collaborations and outreach activities, so, find a way to contribute to your community locally: a lot of people need help in some way, and there may be a way for you to do something. Let's extend our choir ethic, our sense of responsibility for each other in as many ways as we can now. That could be physical, financial, or simply a phone call.

- Reach out to each other when you need it, and when you know someone who does. That's OK.

Hope to see you in choir on 3/30! Updates on that forthcoming...


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