Spring 2021 Program

Jeff shares new program ideas for our spring singing:

joy; sounds from different places and people; how we think of ourselves, and others.

Abenaki Song

A few presently under consideration! 

I Celebrate Myself

Walt Whitman text

Music by John Michael Trotta

El-Helwa Di

Song by Sayed Darwish (Egypt)

Arranged by Edward Torikian (Armenia)

Early in the morning, someone wakes up to prepare the bread of the day. In the meantime, the sound of the rooster is heard—“ku ku ku ku”—and the entire neighborhood awakens. People begin to greet to each other happily. Their pockets are empty of money, but their mood is calm and peaceful, convinced that hope and patience are good virtues in life, and that God is always present in the hearts of poor people.


Old Irish work song about two kinds of seaweed; one to dye clothing, another to eat. (There is a little more to it.) The solo can be sung by different voices/voice parts!

Water Fountain

Tuneyards/Merrill Garbus

arr. Fulton (Canada)

I think one simply needs to hear it. Whoop-ah.

No Color (Can Stand Between Us)

Stacey Gibbs

Shawn Kirchner

See the second clip for a scrolling score/text. The rest of the phrase, "can come between us," is very important.

(No Color - performance with score)

(publisher website)

In Silence

Thomas Lavoy

*begins at 0:30

And I Shall Sing

Christina Whitten-Thomas

Score/audio in the Resources folder
(we would probably choose between this and "In Silence" this spring).

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